Tachyum is a Slovakia and U.S based computer chip manufacturing company established in 2016.

Slovakia / U.S.
Clean / Energy Tech

About Tachyum

Tachyum is a Slovakia and U.S based computer chip manufacturing company established in 2016. The company is developing processing chips with 25x less core area that will require 20x less power, significantly reducing power consumption, storage footprint, and server hardware cost, achieving approximately 1/4 the cost of current solutions. Considering the scale at which the cloud computing service providers are operating, Tachyum’s chip could save them US$’billions annually.
While major companies are migrating to cloud-based computing solutions, that require large data centres powered by significant amounts of energy, the developments in semiconductor density, power efficiency, and production cost have slowed dramatically in the last few years. Tachyum aims to offer a solution by developing an innovative processing chip that will achieve significant performance improvements. Tachyum’s semiconductor chip will address the stalling developments of such devices due to the physical limitations of shrinking electronic components, while unlocking unprecedented performance, power efficiency, and cost advantages.
Tachyum’s team has demonstrable knowledge and experience in this field, and an impressive track record related to successful semiconductor and other technologies. The company’s founder, Rado Danilak, successfully exited two companies in recent years, (Skyera and Sandforce), both of which were ultimately acquired by leading global tech groups. Moreover, he is the former Chief Architect of Nvidia, a leading US semiconductor company with US$60bn market cap, where he developed the Nvidia Tesla chip serving the world& fastest computer (Tianhe). Rado Danilak has now teamed up with other leading industry veterans to drive Tachyum to bring a high performance, ultra-low power cloud chip, aimed directly at the continuously expanding US$20bn cloud server chip market. IPM Growth’s investment will enable Tachyum to focus on further research and development, and to help the company to establish itself globally.

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