Dr Tara Lindstedt to join as Chair of IPM, the Wealth Creator & Asset Manager Focused on Transformational InfraTech Investments

22nd December 2020

Dr Tara Lindstedt to join as Chair of IPM, the Wealth Creator & Asset Manager Focused on Transformational Infratech Investments,…

Dr Tara Lindstedt to join as Chair of IPM, the Wealth Creator & Asset Manager Focused on Transformational Infratech Investments, as part of its commitment to deliver high impact on Sustainable Development Goals toward Agenda 2030

• Dr Lindstedt brings more than 25 years of global expertise in developing, funding, commercialisation, utilisation and transformation of infrastructure products and solutions in Europe, USA, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East
• IPM Group, the Wealth Creator & Asset Manager, centres on transformational infrastructure in the Infratech asset class, with a particular aim to tackle climate change
• Dr Lindstedt is similarly focused on delivering high impact on the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030 across a wide range of sectors

IPM Group, the innovative vertically integrated Wealth and Asset Manager focusing on Transformational Infrastructure, has today announced the appointment of Dr Tara Lindstedt as the Chairman of IPM.
The clean energy expert will bring decades of global entrepreneurial development, commercialisation and financing to IPM.

Dr Lindstedt will assist the IPM Group with its wide project portfolio, including InoBat, the first intelligent battery producer from the heart of Europe; Tachyum, the semiconductor pioneer developing the safest, fastest, and greenest universal chip in the world Prodigy; or IPM Chirana, the producer of world quality ICU lung ventilators.

In view of this appointment, Tara Lindstedt said: “IPM is a unique Advisor and Wealth Manager, offering global investors the choice of high impact investments across the Value-Chain, towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals and creating meaningful impact in delivering Agenda 2030. . This decade is our chance to achieve significant impact. Marian is a true visionary blessed with like-minded partners and colleagues. IPM has amassed an exciting team of visionary creators and I am delighted to be joining this vibrant and active organisation. IPM’s investment strategy is ideally suited and complimentary to my existing commitments, in particular, EP Global Energy and the DREAM Platform. Looking forward to this new era.”

Marian Bocek, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of IPM Group commented on Dr Lindstedt’s appointment: “We are honoured to welcome Tara. She brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience from all around the world – her decades-long expertise in renewables, sustainability, IP commercialisation, venture realisation and project financing marry with our vertically integrated wealth and asset management strategy and are set to bring a positive economic impact and long-term value for our clients and the society.”

IPM, the fastest-growing Infratech asset manager in Europe, manages over one billion dollars in assets under management and its clients include numerous individual and institutional investors from Europe, Asia, and the US.

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