IPM Invests in Lipa Learning

10th October 2018

Lipa Learning has entered into a strategic partnership with IPM.

At the end of September 2018, Lipa Learning s.r.o., whose majority owner is EMTC – Czech a.s., has entered into a strategic partnership with InfraPartners Management LLP (“IPM”).

EMTC’s long-term project focused on children’s early-years development using mobile technologies has taken a substantial step forward by welcoming a new stakeholder. IPM, a global fund management and advisory company headquartered in London and Bratislava with a presence in South Korea, United States, Netherlands and Turkey, has undertaken another acquisition in the field of innovative technologies through their venture capital strategy IPM Growth. IPM has a track record of investment in Central European companies, other examples being AeroMobil, GA Drilling, or Tachyum. The Lipa Learning project, with an estimated worth of EUR 40,000,000, is the seventh invested company under the IPM Growth strategy.

„We take pride in the fact that IPM is entering the Czech market by investing into Lipa Learning,” said Marián Boček, managing partner of IPM. “Our goal is to support local companies with unique technologies and a global potential, and Lipa Learning, with its disruptively innovative approach to preschool education, is a perfect fit,” Mr. Boček added.

EMTC Group (whose majority owner is Tomáš Bárta) uses private sources as well as the issue of corporate bonds to fund its projects. Now it has gained a powerful global partner, not only for an ongoing development of the Lipa Learning project, but also for its launch on app markets around the world and for connecting with other potential partners and investors.

“IPM represents a strong partner, whose main role now lies in raising awareness of Lipa Learning mainly among American, British and Korean investment companies, while our role remains in developing the product as such and distributing it to families around the world. We see this alliance as a confirmation that we are on the right path, but also as a commitment to fulfil the product’s potential in the future. It is also an opportunity to thank all investors of EMTC Group who have purchased our corporate bonds in the past, because by doing so they have significantly supported the creation of Lipa Land, our holistic learning app for preschool children worldwide, and also contributed to the forging of our new partnership with IPM,” said Tomáš Bárta, Chairman of the Board of EMTC – Czech a.s.

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