PALMER AUTOMOTIVE Ltd. joins IPM GROUP to support the development of IPM’s sustainability investment arm

13th June 2022

– An evolution of a relationship, matured from Dr Andy Palmer’s CMG significant contribution at Inobat Auto. – Crucial to…

– An evolution of a relationship, matured from Dr Andy Palmer’s CMG significant contribution at Inobat Auto.
– Crucial to the evolving role of partnership agreements in UK and USA.
– Will help IPM’s fast tracking of IP commercialisation.

13th June 2022, Bratislava/London: After Dr. Andy Palmer’s significant contribution to the development of InoBat Auto, he is evolving his role through Palmer Automotive Ltd. within the asset development branch of IPM Group. IPM Group is the controlling shareholder of InoBat Auto, and this agreement will help drive the next phase of its sustainability mission and growth strategy.

InoBat Auto specialises in the creation of premium innovative electric batteries custom-designed to drive optimal EV performance; Dr Palmer’s expertise (dubbed by some media as the God Father of the Electric Car) in electromobility continues to add significant value and this will be further reflected in his position in IPM.

This appointment comes at a crucial time for IPM, which is preparing for multiple announcements in the coming months with news of partnerships in the United Kingdom and United States. IPM is one of the fastest growing Infratech asset managers, specialised in bringing ground-breaking technologies to Europe. Strategic investors and partners include CEZ, Matador, AEN, MSM Group, Across, and Wildcat Discovery Technologies.

Palmer Automotive Ltd. is officially joining IPM Group’s C2C development platform to focus on fast-tracking IP commercialisation in the United Kingdom and globally. IPM Group is convinced Dr Palmer’s involvement in this innovative and transformational project in the heart of Danube Valley, Slovakia, will enhance the economic and financial success of putting this deployment strategy into action.

The goal of IPM Group is to change the paradigms of the financial world as a cradle-to-cradle platform. Its unique Infratech approach supports the scale-up of venture capital investment into infrastructure assets while maintaining values of conscious ESG impact investing.

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