IPM Commodities

IPM Commodities is a unique online trading mechanism based on a combination of technical analysis signals that follow asset price trends, specifically the Crude Oil index.

About Commodities

IPM Commodities is a unique hedge fund investment opportunity which utilises a trend-following, quantitative commodity trading strategy based on a combination of technical analysis signals that follow Crude Oil price trends and the volatility of the Crude Oil market.
IPM Commodities has been developed to trade exclusively in the Crude Oil market, which means that the trading algorithms have been specifically tailored for the Crude Oil market's characteristics, derived from a deep understanding of its drivers and indicators. IPM Commodities is designed for investors who are interested in managed speculative investments with a higher potential rate of return than those offered by other institutions, for those who are looking to diversify their investment portfolio and those looking to keep better control over the underlying product of their investment with an option of quick withdrawals.
IPM Commodities has been under development for the past five years with an initial trades-testing period of three years, and with live trading activity taking place since January 2015. IPM created a new home for the strategy in September 2017 by establishing the IPM Commodities Fund in the Netherlands to provide access to this unique product to a select number of professional and qualified investors. Recent months of activity have consistently shown positive cumulative results, with an average 1% growth in equity per successful trading session, proving the concept of the efficient, automated and trend-following strategy, with an 80% rate of first-trade success.
IPM Commodities’ is a high-risk investment strategy and investor’s capital is at risk. Past performance is not a guarantee of future profits.

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