Managing Partner

Adrian Vycital

Adrian is a Managing Partner at IPM. He brings his extensive knowledge and experience as a developer in the infrastructure sector and of the Central and Eastern European (“CEE”) region to the firm, especially in respect to IPM’s InfraTech activities. Adrian is also a former Chair of the Slovak Chapter at Young Presidents Organisation (“YPO”) connecting business leaders all around the world to make a positive impact on society.

His prior entrepreneurial experience has also been instrumental in the development of IPM portfolio companies’ footprint in the CEE, such as the establishment of Tachyum in the EU, a semiconductor firm, where he serves as Member of the Board or InoBat, leading battery company with an innovative R&D focus.

Prior to IPM, Adrian founded the SynCo Group, a leading company engaged in infrastructure project development and management with a strong focus on renewables.

Before that, he was COO of IMPAC Central and Eastern Europe, US based advisory firm focusing on transformation of state owned and private enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe.

Adrian co-founded Slovak Global Network, which connects and mobilizes global experts and diaspora to support transformation of Slovakia for better quality life of all it’s citizens.

Adrian holds an engineering degree from the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava and has attended numerous advanced management courses throughout Europe and the United States including Harvard Business School and INSEAD.

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