Executive Advisor

Chongho Kim

Chongho Kim is an infrastructure development and asset management specialist based in Seoul, Korea. Before joining IPMAMC as the Executive Advisor, he worked as a managing director and worked his way up to become the representative director of Macquarie Capital Korea. Chongho worked at Macquarie for 17 years and has 35 years of project development and asset management experience working on major infrastructure projects in Korea, Australia, the UK, and Asia. His specialty in ESG-oriented investments stems from his experience with Macquarie-invested entities, including development projects in numerous public and private infrastructure industries (2004-2016), bio-renewables industry (2016-2018), and renewable energy industry (2017-2021) at various stages of deal development leading to the asset management, including bidding, acquisition, refinancing and sales. In recent years, he mainly focused on new development for renewable energy projects (solar, ESS, wind, and hydrogen economy) and digital infrastructure projects (data centers) in Korea.

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