Senior Investor Relations Manager

Dominika Ziakova

Dominika is an Asia enthusiast and Forbes 30 under 30 list-maker.

Dominika joined IPM at the beginning of 2016 and has progressed from an analyst position to becoming the Head of Investor Relations. In addition to her lead role in communicating with investors and partners, she also oversees the fundraising strategy of IPM. With her background in Asia and fluent command of Mandarin Chinese, she also plays a lead role in building business partnerships and relations in the Greater China Region.

As a winner of a five-year-long Taiwan Ministry of Education Scholarship, Dominika obtained a BSc in Finance at the National Taiwan University after spending a year studying the Chinese language at the National Taiwan Normal University. Before joining IPM, Dominika worked at the Slovak Export and Import Bank and the Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank.

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