Head of Finance Operations

Katarina Marko

Kate is responsible for ensuring the efficient day-to-day management of IPM’s operations and administration.

Kate has been with IPM since its inception in 2015, when she immediately proved instrumental in establishing IPM’s Central & Eastern European hub in Bratislava, hiring key staff and supporting IPM’s management team in many other respects. She went on to become the Head of IPM’s Operations. Currently, Kate is responsible for overseeing the administration of all IPM subsidiaries, including but not limited to managing the bookkeeping and accounting, corporate treasury and secretarial functions.

Kate had previously held management and project support roles at a number of engineering services companies and organisations, including SynCo Group, Ingsteel and the Slovak Environment Association.

Kate holds a master’s degree in Hydraulic Engineering, and a bachelor’s in Environmental Engineering from the Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava. She is fluent in English and Slovak, and is highly proficient in a number of engineering, design and administration software packages.

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