Head of Grant Financing

Miroslava Hornackova

Miroslava joined IPM in 2019 as the Head of Grant Financing. She will provide the companies and private clients with the opportunity to utilise advisory services in the field of public resources on the national and European level.
Miroslava has over 11 years of professional experience in complete project cycle from the development phase to the post-realization monitoring in the sectors of research, development & innovation, energetics, healthcare, environment and waste management.
Miroslava was also a Senior Project Development Manager at EOS Innovazioni, a.s., Bratislava, Slovak Republic, focused on analysis of the possibilities of public funding and management of the project lifecycle, mostly concentrating on the European level funding and on the research, development & innovation projects for the private sector and private-public partnerships. She managed public funding projects of a total value exceeding EUR250m.
During her career Miroslava also worked on the management of the internal and external team of project managers and experts with more than 20 people distributed in 2 countries. She co-developed and managed 2 subsidiaries for public funding project management in Croatia for ELIPS Jadran d.o.o. and EOS Inovacije d.o.o. being also a representative of the company.
Miroslava studied at Faculty of Management of Comenius university in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, and she holds a master’s degree in Management and Marketing.

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