Strategic Advisor

Peter Hegedus

Peter has spent ten years working across the wind, solar and hydro energy divisions at SynCo Group.

As a Managing Partner of SynCo Group’s Energy Division, Peter has been responsible for company management, business strategy, project development and financial management. His experience includes both project and corporate level management, and this has seen him hold key roles in the development, construction and operations of SynCo’s project portfolio, as well as overseeing the business development and financial management of SynCo’s group companies. Peter is therefore able to provide valuable insight and advice to IPM on CEE renewable energy projects, under the unique partnership IPM has with SynCo. Prior to joining SynCo, Peter worked at HVB Bank Slovakia where he looked after a portfolio of approximately 40 large corporate clients.

Peter is a graduate of the University of Economics in Bratislava, where he majored in Business Management and Corporate Finance. He is fluent in English, Slovak and Czech.

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