Investment Manager

Roman Basar

Roman is in charge of Alternatives Fund as well at the firm’s overall allocation strategy. He has a prior background in macro research and financial analysis.

Roman joined IPM in late 2015 as an entry-level Analyst initially covering IPM Infrastructure and later both IPM Growth and IPM Commodities. He was then promoted to Associate, focused primarily on the IPM Commodities investment strategy. Roman works directly with the IPM Commodities Fund trader, and his responsibilities include conducting technical analysis and reporting in addition to managing key relationships with the Fund’s brokers, partners and investors.

Roman has previously held client facing roles at businesses in Slovakia and the UK, most recently at Exponea, a leading European start-up, where he was a business consultant for the company’s delivery of its ecommerce services. Roman has previously performed macro research at the Institute for Economic and Social Reforms in Slovakia.

Roman has an MA in Financial Economics from the University of St. Andrews, completing courses in Corporate Finance, Capital Investment Analysis, and Econometrics.

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