ESG Executive Advisor

Seunghoon Lee

Seunghoon started his career at the Hyosung Heavy Industry plant division, where he provided EPCC services for the environmental plant as a mechanical engineer in 1992. He then worked for Hyosung Ebara Environmental Engineering, a joint venture established between Hyosung Corp. and Ebara, Japan. While at Hyosung EBARA, Seunghoon developed, funded, and implemented Hyosung-Ebara’s Southeast Asian and the Middle East business as the head of a Malaysian branch office and corporation (SDN BHD) and worked as the team leader of the overseas sales team and the head of the resource recycling division of HQ.

Afterward, he worked as an executive director and took charge of waste recycling and renewable energy at Daebo E&C, then joined Macquarie Capital Korea as the managing director and managed investment in waste and renewable energy.

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