Senior Associate

Valerianne Nicolaou-Gambini

Valérianne has prior background in Infrastructure Private Equity in the MENA region as well as project and export finance. Valérianne first gained experience in project financing in the Nuclear and Steam Project and Export Finance division of the international industrial group, Alstom Power, where she closely followed their portfolio of on-going projects. She also assessed prospective projects’ political and commercial risks with a view to informing the hedging strategy of the development team. She then joined InfraMed Management where she actively participated in the acquisition and financing of the Hamitabat CCGT, one of Turkey’s largest operational combined cycled power plants (1,156MW) and monitored the management of the Middle-East’s first and largest utility-scale Tafila wind farm (117MW) in Jordan. Whilst at InfraMed, Valérianne also analysed and diligenced numerous energy and social infrastructure opportunities across the Middle-East and African continent. Valérianne holds a Bachelor’s degree in Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean Studies and has a Masters degree in Finance and Strategy with a focus on emerging markets and international project finance, from the Paris Institute of Political Studies (SciencesPo).

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