Wuxi Lead and InoBat Auto partner to provide a turnkey solution for the production of lithium-ion batteries in Europe

1st December 2021

• Joint signing of a purchase contract for a lithium-ion battery pilot production line in Voderady, Slovakia • The whole…

• Joint signing of a purchase contract for a lithium-ion battery pilot production line in Voderady, Slovakia
• The whole pilot production line will be designed, manufactured, and assembled by Lead and is flexible in chemistry, cell sizes and format
• The pilot line will produce its first batteries by the end of 2022

Wuxi Lead (“Lead”) world’s leading manufacturer of new energy equipment, and InoBat Auto (“InoBat”), European battery technology and manufacturing company have signed a purchase contract for a lithium-ion battery production line in Voderady, Slovakia. Lead will be the sole equipment supplier for the pilot phase of the project and will design, manufacture, and assemble a customized turnkey solution of lithium-ion batteries for InoBat. The whole pilot line, capable of producing 260,000 battery cells annually, aims to produce its first batteries by the end of 2022.

InoBat is a European based battery manufacturer with a battery research and development facility and pilot line under development in Slovakia. InoBat is backed by a strong consortium of investors and technology companies, including strategic investors and partners such as Rio Tinto, CEZ, IPM, Matador, AEN, MSM Group, and Across. InoBat has also approved grant financing under the EU sponsored programme, Important Projects for Common European Interest, and already received a grant from the Slovak Government.

Yanqing Wang, Chairman of Wuxi Lead said: “InoBat is one of our most important partners in Europe. Wuxi Lead will be the only equipment supplier to provide InoBat with the whole line equipment and services. At the same time, the whole production line will be equipped with the digital solution jointly developed by Lead and Siemens. This cooperation between Lead and InoBat represents a strong recognition of Lead’s products, technologies, and services. I believe Lead will build a battery manufacturing factory that will attract worldwide attention.”

Marian Bocek, Chief Executive Officer of InoBat Auto said: “Wuxi Lead is the world’s leading manufacturer of new energy equipment and this purchase contract represents another important milestone in the development of our advanced facility in Voderady. Given InoBat’s purpose is to supply customers with premium electric batteries that are custom-designed to meet their specific requirements, Wuxi Lead’s flexibility in chemistry, cell size and format provides us with important technological capabilities, supported by their localised service capabilities, including its professional pre-sales, after-sales and service team in Europe. This latest step demonstrates our consistent and continued progress towards one of our key strategic growth objectives of ensuring that Europe has a reliable and scalable EV-battery manufacturing base.”

The pouch line solution provided by Lead for InoBat Auto adopts the leading high-speed stacking technology allowing for efficient and precise production. At the same time, the line is capable of fast changeovers of toolkits, enabling flexibility in cell formats and sizes.

The contract covers the pilot phase of the project in Voderady, Slovakia, which focuses on rapidly developing the next generation of customized batteries. This R&D centre and a pilot line will identify the optimum cell chemistries to meet the exact requirements of any vehicle maker or manufacturer according to their needs. In the next phases of the project, InoBat will focus on a manufacturing scale-up through a number of gigafactories planned globally.

About InoBat Auto:
InoBat Auto specialises in the pioneering research, development, manufacture, and provision of premium innovative electric batteries custom-designed to meet the specific requirements of global mainstream and specialist OEMs within the automotive, commercial vehicle, motorsport, and aerospace sectors. InoBat is backed by a strong consortium of investors and technology companies.
For more information: www.inobatauto.eu

About Wuxi Lead:
Wuxi Lead is a global innovative enterprise dedicated to providing customers with integrated solutions for leading intelligent manufacturing. It has focused and deeply developed new energy and intelligent manufacturing for more than 20 years, and has the world’s largest market share of Lithium-ion battery equipment. Lead is the only provider in the world with 100% independent intellectual property rights for the whole Lithium-ion battery manufacturing lines, capable of providing battery manufacturing solution, module & PACK assembly solution, new energy electric drive production solution, intelligent automotive assembly solution, intelligent logistics system, MES, and additional whole line solutions in new energy area. Lead has delivered 100+ whole battery manufacturing lines, 5,000+ sets of winding equipment, 2,000+ sets of stacking equipment, and 60% proportion of the core equipment market.
For more information: www.leadchina.cn/en/

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