IPM Growth

Investments with a positive social and environmental impact.

About Growth

IPM Growth is a ‘first of its kind’ growth equity strategy initiative for the CEE region, focused on addressing the scarcity of scale-up capital for innovative regional companies with global ambitions and disruptive technologies in the InfraTech sector. IPM Growth serves as the innovation extension arm to the real asset infrastructure strategy, investing in companies positioned to solve some of the most pressing global infrastructure issues, particularly in the sectors of energy, mobility and AI-enabled critical infrastructure. IPM helps companies reach the “commercialisation” phase of their products and services and to succeed in global markets. Our team develops a culture of cooperation with the founders, aiming to be not only a financial but also a strategic partner. One of our main aims is to enable knowledge and technology transfers between the Danube Valley and the Silicon Valley, providing CEE companies with access to the Silicon Valley know-how and practices while the Silicon Valley partners obtain a direct access to the opportunistic, yet underserved CEE market.

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